Potential solutions to potency issues

Personal Development

Troubles with potency are shrouded in a deep smoke of shame and taboo, which makes them tough not only to discuss but also successfully prevent and cure. This webinar will give you all the basic information about what potency is, how it works, and how to spot early signs of trouble, as well as broaden your vocabulary to be able to further research and communication.

Duration time –  1h 51m, Price – 119 USD

Not letting joint pain overshadow your joy

Personal Development

Joint pains mostly bring to mind an image of an older person struggling with arthritis. However, this is far from the only reason they can happen. Moreover, many people can mistake them for other types of pain and not act on them fast enough. With this webinar, you will learn all about types, reasons, and ways to both prevent and alleviate joint pains at any age.

Duration time –  1h 43m, Price – 105 USD

Deep dive into pain from a medical perspective

Personal Development

Many of us only think of pain in the context of something to get rid of, but it can actually be a very important indicator of our body’s physical and mental condition. This webinar will teach you all you need to know about why we feel pain and how to differentiate between different types of it.

Duration time –  1h 50m, Price – 130 USD